Picking out a Reliable Web Host

Additionally to finding a professional, affordable site designer, protecting a web host is another crucial step in the site design process. A web host is a company that stores your web site’s files. All the pages you see on the internet are a collection of pages kept in an online folder. You pay a web host to store your files in their online folder. Having a reliable web host is essential to your business. When you send a potential or current client to your site, you need it to be up and running error-free. Due to the fact that this is so important, we have detailed a few guidelines in selecting a reliable web host:

How cost effective is this web host?

Before selecting a sponsor, shop around and make sure the price and features of the account you are considering are competitive for the industry. Remember: expensive does not mean best! You do not desire a web hosting if a smaller company can offer the same services better and for 1/2 the price.

Does the host have a proven record of reliability?

There are TONS of web hosting companies on the internet as I am sure many of you realized as soon as you looked for “web hosting company” in your search engine of choice. Top ranks in Google, MSN, or Google do not guarantee a reliable company. These rankings only make sure a company spent time and/or money on search engine optimization (getting its site to the top of the charts). Before you purchase website hosting, ask other business owners which company they recommend and why. As well, check out forums such as Web Hosting Discuss. This forum allows customers to sound off about their web hosting company (positive and negative comments are welcome). Here you can hear what customers have said of their hosting experience with company XYZ before you buy. Also, ask your colleagues or web development company for hosting information. The best companies can be found through person to person referrals.

Is it easy to leave if I change my mind about this host?

This is an essential question that many small business owners do not consider. Small business owners do not always realize that selecting an internet site designer and securing an internet host can be affordable. Instead, they look for an all-inclusive web hosting package that offers pre-built internet site templates or site builders. These are tools are helpful AS LONG AS you plan to stay with that webhost through the life of your web site. You would be using the net host’s design software, so if you remaining, the web host would still own your website files, leaving you to start out designing your site from scratch. Before by using a site with pre-built templates or site builders, find out if you are allowed to keep your internet site if you later decide to move to another sponsor. There are also a few other items to consider: site uptime (is the website guaranteed to be available 99. 9%), overdue billing consequences (is there a grace period, or will site be immediately taken down), and frequency of back-ups (if the web hosting company’s servers go down for any reason, will your site have been backed up and ready to go once the situation is resolved, or will your site be lost).

As a safety measure, always back-up a copy of your website to your home or work computer’s hard drive. This might not be possible if you use a pre-built template or online site builder software, but it is important in court case something happens to the hosting company. Remember to always read the fine printing of all hosting contracts you sign (albeit digitally) AND to choose a host that allows you to keep a back-up of your website on your home or work computer (without any extra costs or fines).


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