Wholesale Witchcraft Supplies

Are you a New Age or Metaphysical supply store? Do you have a brick and mortar store? Or perhaps perhaps an online business in this industry?

After that you know coming across good reliable wholesale businesses to buy your inventory can be a challenge.

Witchcraft Supplier is probably the best source for low cost within the Witchcraft supplies industry. Why do We say this? Well i tell you.

Witchcraft Supplier has over 2200 products and items on their website, so there is certainly a huge variety of items and products so that you can choose from to stock your store with. Whether you are looking for cauldrons, incense, candles, spell packages, statuary, tarot cards, compact disks, dvds, jewelry, herbs, or anything else that is a new age product, you will find it at Witchcraft Supplier.

Witchcraft Supplier offers 40% off retail price on ALL their companies items. Yes that is correct, 40% off TRUE inexpensive mark down off selling. Many wholesalers in this industry i have found to only offer 10-25% off retail, how can you generate income with that can of mark down? You cannot.

Great benefit with Witchcraft Supplier is that they have NO minimum to buy from them. You can buy as little or as much as you need. Where many businesses may have to go to several different wholesale resources for their products, you can purchase all your inventory in one place with Witchcraft Supplier.

Witchcraft Supplier is a secured SSL site, which means you can shop safely on their site without having sensistive information at risk of being hacked into and taken. Their website is a breeze to browse through, and you may find whatever it is that you simply are looking for quickly and easily. Every product and item is classified appropriately with very good pictures and product descriptions.

You may pay using credit card or paypal, and you will ship using either the USPS or UPS.

An additional great thing with spell candles is that they even have drop shipping available, with no drop shipping fees. This is very nice if you are an online only store and do not wish to stock your inventory. Whenever you get an order, click on Witchcraft Supplier and order from them and they will ship to YOUR customer using your own business name and address.

With over 130 tarot credit cards, hundreds of herbs and rings of all types, a large selection of candles and incense, its a wonder why you would want to go anywhere else for your businesses inventory needs.


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