Montreal is the City of Fests

Every so often, a large city hosts a festival. The city is filled with people taking a break from the workday to experience in full a piece of culture that brings everyone together for a thrilling week or weekend. In Montreal, this happens, well, far more than often. Montreal is famous for its fantastic, year-round selection of festivals, and we have highlighted some of the greats for you. If you’re certain to find a week of something oh-so-very you in Location de salle Montréal.

Just for Laughs is the major festival of comedy in the world offering theatre productions and large and small venues of stand-up. In mid-July, you’ll have beads of tears and sweat rolling down your cheeks.

July’s Montreal’s World Jazz Festival is the most popular and most significant of its kind. Choose your selected performer from a huge concert venue or an intimate caf? or even the inevitable street music artists.

Maybe you just want a week of football! The Black and Blue Festival is organized each May by a local venue and proceeds go to benefit AIDS non-profits.

Mondiale entre ma Biere is a haven of beer gardens and fancy ring finger foods if you are looking to experience the best local breweries and fine cheeses of the area. Come hungry every June.

April’s Blue City is an international literary festival that will make sure to have you wishing you’d probably paid more attention in English class, but is actually definitely the most fun you’ll have waxing literary ideas.

We haven’t even mentioned the NHL All-Star Weekend, Beneath the Snow indie music week, or the Africa and Creole film tillst?llning. If we still have not hit your interest, perhaps an Italian Week or Science Fiction Convention in the height will interest you. None of these? Well, you should get out more. May we suggest Location de salle événement Montréal?


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