Choosing the Right Pop-Up Stand For You

Well the very first thing you need to understand is how the sizes work on promotional display banner. Unlike everything else is obviously, which is measured using either metric or imperial measurements, pop-up stands have their own unique measurement device!

Pop-Up stages are grouped and size by the amount of sections or ‘boxes’, which can make up the shell of the Pop-Up stand.

Most commonly pop-up stands are 3 ‘boxes’ tall (which is the first measurement) and usually be met with standard in widths of just one, 2, 3, 4 & 5 ‘boxes’ wide. It is additionally worth noting that Pop-Up stands can come as high as 5 ‘boxes’ tall and can be linked creating an almost endless length (as well as shapes! ).

The second thing you need to choose is whether you want a curved or straight stand. The most popular choice is the bent unit(about 85% of sales) but that does not mean the straight version is not right for you. The easiest way to determine is to think about where your stand will be placed, if it is in a part then a curved is best, if it is along a wall and you have limited space then the straight is most likely better suited.

Lastly, you need to decide whether you want a fabric or printed graphic option. The big difference between the two is not in the stand but the actual sections that are fitted to the face than it. Many people choose the imprinted graphic option as a result of more professional look, that can be attained by a big personalised graphic. The fabric alternative is better suited for applications where the user wants to be able to regularly change their own design (usually by using Velcro) for example in a foyer, school or catalogue.

Be very careful when comparing what looks like a like for like product, usually they are not the same height or width! Many suppliers will pass off a tiny or midi stand as the full size product. So if for example, you are comparing 3×3 stands remember that the ‘boxes’ could be different sizes between different products and brands. If in doubt always ask for the size of the stand in millimetres.

Only a few short years back Pop-Up stands were quite notorious for being a nightmare to assemble, but today as long as you really know what you are interested in you can get some incredibly good stands that will ‘go up’ without a blemish in less than 2 minutes!

There are a huge variety of Display Banner on the market all of which vary in quality of manufacture. Yes that is right probably the best piece of information I can give you regarding Pop-Up Stands is they are not all the same! Many suppliers will wash over this fact because they are trying to sell you their cheapest possible stand to be able to be more competitive or make a much better margin.


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