How to get the Right Proposal Photographer

Finally, the man of your dreams proposed! Almost everything happened so beautifully and you were swept up in the moment. Then, a few weeks later, reality sinks in: you have to plan a marriage! Proposal planning can be such an intimidating task, and one of your to-dos is picking a proposal photography prices Northern VA. With the over abundance of photographers out there, who do you pick? To make photographer-picking a little easier, below are great tips on narrowing down the field.

1. When looking at a photographer’s work, look at their body system of work. Don’t make a quick judgment based on the pieces of art brought to a bridal show or the images on the photographer’s website. Those photographs are the best of the best, the best of hundreds of pictures. Instead, go to the photographer’s blog or Facebook page. Look at pictures they’ve posted from each individual photoshoot they’ve done over the past few months. You don’t have to go back years, because photographers grow and improve over the years, but looking at recent photoshoots will show you if that photographer regularly produces the types of photographs you would be happy to showcase and look at for the rest of your married life.

2. Just because your friend, a friend of a friend, your aunt or your cousin has a “nice” camera doesn’t mean they can be a good photographer. Photography is more than a camera. Photographers have spent many hours posing couples, choosing the right light situations, choosing the right camera settings and choosing the right angle from which to shoot the photo. Having a nice camera set on automated will not produce a constant style of photography. Your friend might take good snapshots on her behalf vacation, but that won’t mean she will know how to capture the emotion and all the special occasions that will be your proposal. Actually we chose the cheap way at our proposal years back, before I became a proposal photographer cost VA, and we have regretted it at any time since. We can never go back and recreate that day to get photographs that will last a lifetime.

3. Once you have simplified down the field, be sure you get what you want from your photographer. Get all the details of the photographer’s packages. Will they give you all the high resolution files on a disc with permission to print them everywhere or do they give you low resolution files you can’t print out? Will you get two photographers or one? Do they provide a print credit if you wish to buy high quality prints from them? How long will they be at your proposal? How long does it take to process the pictures? How much is the minimum print out order? All of these questions (and any other you can think of) are essential things to know so you defintely won’t be shocked by what you receive at the proposal.

4. Lastly, meet the photographers of your choice before you decide on one. Make sure you are confident with their demeanor, you like their energy, and they are people you will want to be with for six to ten hours of just one of the main days and nights of your life. Make sure you choose a photographer you enjoy being with.

Photography is an unique product that allows you to relive memories more vividly for years to come. Since proposal days and nights are so packed with things to do, many proposal brides and grooms don’t have time to soak it all in on the proposal day. Your photographs are what will bring back all the sweet occasions to your remembrance. Make sure to choose a photographer that you will be assured can do this for you.


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